This secton describes the research agenda of the Chair of Purchasing and Supply Management within the Department of Innovation, Marketing and Technology Entrepreneurship (ITEM), Eindhoven University of Technology. The research staf consists of Prof dr Arjan van Weele, Regien Sumo MSc and Jelle de Vries MSc (Connector 0.02, telephone 040 247 2170)

Procurement has rapidly become a prime issue on the corporate agenda. Due to international competion companies nowadays need to focus on their core competencies. Non-core acitvities are increasingly outsourced to specialist suppliers. In the average manufacturing company purchased parts and services today make up over 65% of production value. Suppliers, hence, have become an important source of competitive advantage. Not only for a Fawless supply chain; they also play a major role in new product development In selecting their suppliers purchasing managers have to balance value-, risk- and cost considerations. Depending on the characteristics of products and supply markets, most large companies have developed ditierentiated supplier and sourcing strategies. This trend cannot only perceived at large, multinational companies but is certainly also visible at medium sized manufacturing companies. The international character of their sourcing activities is expanding: China and other low cost countries have become popular areas for sourcing of purchasing needs.

The purchasing and supply management staf of the Department of Innovation, Marketing and  Technology Entrepreneurship (ITEM) has focussed its research agenda on a number of relevant issues. Over the past few years (PhD) research has been conducted on the following topics:

  • creating corporate advantage through purchasing
  • early involvement of purchasing and suppliers in new product development
  • purchasing portolio management
  • e-procurement
  • innovation in supply chains
  • innovation strategies for suppliers
  • buying of services
  • value based sourcing
  • successfactors underlying category sourcing teams
  • performance based contracting

As we see it, academic research should be grounded in sound theory. Furthermore, we favour research where different research methodologies are combined. Conceptual frameworks that are derived from literature, are empirically investigated (through in-depth case studies with companies) before they are tested through quantitative surveys. Through this ‘multi methodology’-approach we repeatedly have been able to provide results that have gained interest from both the academic and business community. Most groundwork is done by student theses and literature studies, that increasingly are brought in line with our research agenda. In case you want to know more about the research we do and the way we work, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with more details!


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