prof. dr. Arjan van Weele

Welcome! This website still serves as an important source of information and inspiration to those who consider procurement as a future careerpath and those who want to bring procurement to the next level in their organization. I am grateful that so many students and professionals still visit this website! Meanwhile I have rewritten my major textbooks together with a few esteemed and beloved colleagues and friends. Both the Dutch and English textbooks come with a great and detailed set of teacher materials. Both books are the best I ever made and are my legacy to the profession that I owe so much!


Procurement and Supply Chain Management, 8th ed.
publisher: Cengage
author: Arjan van Weele and Frank Rozemeijer
ISBN: 978-1-4737-7911-2
year: 2022
publisher: Vakmedianet, Zeist
author: Anne Staal en Gert Walhof
ISBN: 9-78993-19628
year: 2021
Special Public Procurement
publisher: Vakmedianet, Zeist
author: Hein van der Horst
ISBN: 9-789493-196735
year: 2021
Inkoop in Strategisch Perspectief, 8e editie
publisher: Vakmedianet, Zeist
author: Jordie van Berkel-Schoonen,Gert Walhof, Arjan van Weele
ISBN: 9-789462-157491
year: 2021
Inköp och Supply Chain Management
publisher: Studentlitteratur AB
author: Arjan van Weele and Katarina Arbin
ISBN: 978-91-44-12874-0
year: 2019
Inkoop in Strategisch Perspectief: Shoppen voor Professionals
publisher: Vakmedianet, Alpen a/d Rijn
author: Arjan van Weele, Jordie Van Berkel-Schoonen, Gert Walhof
ISBN: 978-946-215-518-3
year: 2017


Please, refer to my YouTube Channel for 15 Video’s on Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, dealing with trends and developments, purchasing and suplply management concepts and models, and best purchasing practices.

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