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Why we need to change course in procurement
The transition to a more sustainable and circular world cannot be made if we do not change and embrace procurement! read more

Every year executive training modules are provided to a limited number of business schools (which included in 2008-2009: Vlerick School of Management, European Institute of Purchasing Management, TIAS Business School, Swedish School of Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam) and a number of large, international companies in manufacturing industry, retail and service industry.

Executive training modules are based upon the following didactical principles:

  • Pragmatic orientation: aimed at providing practical solution to purchasing and supply chain management issues
  • Theoretical foundation: contributions are based upon grounded academic theory and research
  • Interactive: audience is challenged to constructive group discussions and active exchange with lecturer
  • Over the years we obtained the highest levels of appreciation from a wide range of clients.

Programs are always designed based upon client's prime interests and strategic priorities. Subjects may include:

  • Purchasing's contribution to the company's bottom line
  • Designing effective corporate wide cost reduction programs
  • Purchasing process management
  • Managing outsourcing and risk assessment
  • Purchasing and supplier portfolio management
  • Power and influence strategies in supply chain management
  • Building constructive supplier partnership strategies
  • Corporate advantage through corporate purchasing synergy
  • Organizing for effective purchasing
  • Designing effective purchasing performance measurement and reporting systems
  • Selecting and implementing e-procurement solutions
  • Developing performance based incentive and reward systems

Contact us for a tailor made, intensive executive program.

From 2003-2007 we have served as academic director on the NEVI3 Masterclass Strategic Purchasing Management, which is organised annually by The Dutch Association of Purchasing Management (NEVI), Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. This program lead to a officially accredited diploma. For more details of this program we kindly refer to:

In 2004 we also have served as academic director of the International Purchasing Presidents' Strategic Dialogue Program, which was organized by NEVI/Purspective for Corporate Purchasing Officers of large European companies. This program was organized only once.

Since 2009 we act as Academic Director of TIAS Business School's highly successful International Contracting program for the offshore industry. For brochure: click here.

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