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Rondetafel discussie LINK Magazine pleit voor een focus op ketensamenwerking en innovatie in inkoop

In de maakindustrie moeten inkopers meer en meer strategisch opereren, met een focus op innovatie. Door de waan van de dag – gestuurd door actuele prijsontwikkelingen en beschikbaarheidsproblemen voor materialen en componenten – komen zij daar echter onvoldoende aan toe. In opdracht van Nevi deed Berenschot onderzoek naar de industriële inkoper van de toekomst. Samen met beide partijen hield Link Magazine er half juni een virtuele rondetafeldiscussie over, aan de hand van vier stellingen. Zie 

New edition of 'Procurement and Supply Chain Management' on its way!

Now in its eighth edition, this trusted text provides a complete introduction to the important principles underlying the procurement and supply chain management using a managerial perspective . This edition covers most, if not all,  the latest developments in procurement and supply chain management. Key features of this edition are the following.

First, we present procurement as a strategic business function that management can rely on to drive best value for money, operational excellence, sustainability and innovation form its suppliers. New chapters have been written on category sourcing, supplier relationship management, digital procurement. In order to provide more depth we have introduced in this edition new ‘Theory snapshots’ that reflect contemporary academic thinking and research to further develop your understanding of procurement and supply chain phenomena. Ofcourse, we also have explored the challenges that COVID-19 has brought to the field, including its impact on business continuity, material availability, partnering and ethics. Compared to previous edtions more emphasis is placed on sustainable and circular sourcing. Here, the global imperative for sustainability including a case study on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is highlighted.Finally we present a new framework to performance driven procurement, where reporting is not limited to internal procurement practices, but extended to external tiers in supply chain relationships.

Volledig herziene, 8e editie 'Inkoop in Strategisch Perspectief' in aantocht!

Medio november zal de Volledig herziene, 8e editie 'Inkoop in Strategisch Perspectief' verschijnen. De groene cover verraadt de nadruk die we hebben gelegd op duurzaam cq circulair inkopen. Datzelfde geldt voor het cyclische (versus het bekende lineaire) inkoopmodel dat we nu veel verder hebben uitgewerkt. Voorts hebben we nu een goede balans gecreeerd tussen inkoop in de private sector en de overheidssector. Hiermee is het boek ook een stuk bruikbaarder geworden voor diegenen die voor overheidsinstellingen inkopen. 

Why does Early Supplier Involvement fail so often? Read our latest insight on this!

Why does Early Supplier Involvement fail so often? Read our latest article in the prestigious Journal of Product Innovation Management!

Lees mijn afscheidsinterview in Deal!

Emeritus inkoophoogleraar Arjan van Weele: “Ik voel me buitengewoon bevoorrecht”
Interview door: Freek Andriesse in Deal! , November 2018. Met zijn afscheid komt een eind aan een tijdperk. Lees hier verder.

Arjan van Weele Honorary Member of NEVI!

For me it was a great honour to receive the NEVI Honorary Membership during the 1st NEVI Member Symposium at the Military Museum Soesterberg on October, 9th!

IPSERA Lifetime Achievement Award 2018 awarded to Arjan van Weele

During the IPSERA Conference 2018 at Athens, Greece, 25-28th March 2018, the IPSERA Lifetime Achievement Award was handed over to Prof dr Arjan van Weele for his outstanding contribution to Purchasing adn Supply Management as an academic discipline.

New, revised 7th edition Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, 7th edition provides a complete introduction to the important principles underlying the subject area using a flexible managerial perspective.

Fully updated, this highly respected textbook covers the latest developments in purchasing and supply chain management with clear and well-structured content complemented by strong case studies that are relevant and engaging.  Global examples from Shell, Hewlett Packard, Mattel and Nespresso to name a few, demonstrate the challenges and solutions to the problems companies face every day, while the latest research insights add a critical perspective throughout.

Key features

  • A trusted resource which includes the latest developments in purchasing and supply chain management.
  • Refined coverage of purchasing and business strategy and corporate social responsibility.
  • Companion website with support materials such as PowerPoint slides, additional case studies and examination questions.


New to this edition

  • New case studies and Memo features bring current practice to life.
  • Thoroughly updated including coverage of the most recent changes in European public procurement directives.
  • Extended discussion on partnering and collaborative supply chain relationships.
  • New coverage on the circular economy.
New videos on our new PhD project: Effects of Perceptual Differences on Project Results

Do you want to improve relationship quality in complex projects? Check this video and participate! 

New article: 'Purchasing Culture: Can We Change It?'

Can purchasing professionals change their cost orientation into a value orientation? What is needed? Read this article! Click here!

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