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Why we need to change course in procurement
The transition to a more sustainable and circular world cannot be made if we do not change and embrace procurement! read more

Consulting projects have been selectively conducted for a wide range of clients, both national as well as international. Typical projects include:

  • Purchasing performance audits and assessments.Based upon our uniquely designed and academically grounded audit tools, specific assessments are conducted related to:
  1. purchasing cost savings potential,
  2. purchasing process effectiveness,
  3. purchasing departmental performance,
  4. category team effectiveness,
  5. purchasing coordination effectiveness.
  • Purchasing and supply executive counseling. Based upon a thorough analysis of the company's environment and organizational capabilities, executives are personnally advies for their future sourcing strategies, organizational structures, performance management systems etc. Next, the effectiveness of their manageral style and personal effectiveness are discussed and reflected upon.
  • Executive workshops (in-company). Based upon a liimited number of interviews interactive executive workshops are designed around pressing managerial issues. Through constructive dialogue and application of specific management and purchasing and supply theory issues are solved and managerial action agenda's are designed.
  • Executive workshops (external). Workshops may range from 1 to 5 days, covering different themes such as how to align sourcing strategy with corporate strategy, how to develop purchasing and supply management into a competitive differentiator, how to improve purchasing performance management, how to coordinate common purchasing and supply requirements, when and how to apply perfomance based contracts, how to design purchasing reporting systems, etc.
  • International executive conferences. In the past we have acted as chairman of many international management conferences which all are characterized by superior academic content, practitioner orientation, constructive dialogue and positive spirit.
prof. dr. Arjan van Weele
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