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prof. dr. Arjan van Weele

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Waarom CFOs hun visie op inkoop moeten veranderen
CFOs staan met hun korte termijn focus op winstmaximalisatie en werkkapitaal vermindering innovaties in inkoop in de weg. CFOs moeten waardecreatie centraal stellen. read more

About the NEVI Chair of Purchasing and Supply Management at Eindhoven University of Technology
The first chair in Purchasing and Supply Management in The Netherlands was created in August 1989 by the School of Industrial Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology. In 1991 NEVI (Dutch Association for Purchasing Management) started to co-fund the Chair. Since then the chair was renamed in to the NEVI Chair of Purchasing and Supply Management. Prof. dr. Arjan van Weele is since that time responsible for all academic teaching programmes and PhD research. Currently, he is assisted by Christian van der Krift, MSc (PhD candidate).

The NEVI Chair Purchasing and Supply Management wants to contribute to academic insight through the following:

  • Exciting student programs, both at the bachelor and at the master level. Our objective is to be nominated every year as the best educational program at our Faculty. We have obtained the first prize for best program during 5 years. We have been nominated as best program for 15 consecutive years.
  • Exciting practitioner oriented, academic grounded research. For over 30 years we have contributed through PhD research (co-sponsored by NEVI) in terms of dissertations, academic articles (some of which have received a academic award), books (some of which are translated in English, Norwegian, Swedish, Slovenian, German, Chinese). See separate sections for articles and current PhD research.
  • Exciting contributions to academic and practitioner conferences and seminars. Our staff contributes annually to programs organized by  NEVI (NEVI Purchasing Leadership Program, NEVI Purchasing Executive Program), VLM (EMLog MSc Program), TIAS Business School (Master of Operational Excellence, Master of Marketing), Vlerick School of Management (Master of Supply Chain Management, Purchasing Management Seminar).

For more information about the NEVI Chair of Purchasing and Supply Management, see our separate section.


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