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Welcome! Although I retired from university in November, 2018, I decided to keep my website alive. This because it still serves as an important source of information and inspiration to those who consider procurement as a future careerpath and those who want to bring procurement to the next level in their organization. I am grateful that so many students and professionals still visit this website! Please, read my blog below to find out what new ideas and material I have in mind for you!

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Why we need to change course in procurement
The transition to a more sustainable and circular world cannot be made if we do not change and embrace procurement! read more

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Purchasing and Supply Chain Management nominated

Purchasing and Supply Chain Management nominated

Our book on Purchasing and Supply Chain Management has been nominated as one of the best in its field. read more
YouTube Videos Out Now!

YouTube Videos Out Now!

College tour purchasing video 15 on responsible purchasing is out now! read more
 The Value Chain Shift', 2014

The Value Chain Shift', 2014

With the results of a two year research project conducted by IMD, Lausanne. read more
New 'International Contracting'

New 'International Contracting'

Update on new 'International Contracting: Contract Management for Complex Projects', Imperial College Press, London, 2014  read more

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CPO Summit >

Exclusive CPO event on invitation only for Dutch and Belgian CPO's. Hotel Kerckebosch. May, 30th-June, 1st, 2022

read more

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Implementing Socially Responsible Purchasing

An Evolution Model, Academy of Management read more

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Eckhart's Notes

How to reduce bureaucracy and improve customer intimacy and worker motivation? Read this stunning book!

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