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Welcome! This website still serves as an important source of information and inspiration to those who consider procurement as a future careerpath and those who want to bring procurement to the next level in their organization. I am grateful that so many students and professionals still visit this website! Meanwhile I have rewritten my major textbooks together with a few esteemed and beloved colleagues and friends. Both the Dutch and English textbooks come with a great and detailed set of teacher materials. Both books are the best I ever made and are my legacy to the profession that I owe so much!

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Why we need to change course in procurement
The transition to a more sustainable and circular world cannot be made if we do not change and embrace procurement! read more

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 The Value Chain Shift', 2014

The Value Chain Shift', 2014

With the results of a two year research project conducted by IMD, Lausanne. read more
New 'International Contracting'

New 'International Contracting'

Update on new 'International Contracting: Contract Management for Complex Projects', Imperial College Press, London, 2014  read more

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Prestatiecontracten: niet voor de overheid!

De overheid zet steeds meer grote projecten weg gebruikmakend van prestatiecontracten. Dit artikel beschrijft wat dit zijn en aan welke condities moet worden voldaan om deze te laten werken. Ht artikel maakt duidelijk dat overheidsopdrachtgevers vaak niet aan deze condities voldoen. Aannemers moeten zich hiervan bewust zijn. read more
Journal of Supply Chain Management

Journal of Supply Chain Management

The Future of Purchasing and Supply Management Research read more
Success Factors for Sourcing Teams

Success Factors for Sourcing Teams

How to Foster Sourcing Team Effectiveness read more

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Paul Polman and Andrew Winston, Net Positive, How courageous companies thrive by giving more than they take

This impressive book tells Paul Polman's uphill battle at Unilever to change a corporation's business model from a financial, shareholder driven to a stakeholder value driven model. A Must Read for everyone who is serious about long term survival!

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prof. dr. Arjan van Weele
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