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Welcome! This website still serves as an important source of information and inspiration to those who consider procurement as a future careerpath and those who want to bring procurement to the next level in their organization. I am grateful that so many students and professionals still visit this website! Meanwhile I have rewritten my major textbooks together with a few esteemed and beloved colleagues and friends. Both the Dutch and English textbooks come with a great and detailed set of teacher materials. Both books are the best I ever made and are my legacy to the profession that I owe so much!

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Why we need to change course in procurement
The transition to a more sustainable and circular world cannot be made if we do not change and embrace procurement! read more

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 The Value Chain Shift', 2014

The Value Chain Shift', 2014

With the results of a two year research project conducted by IMD, Lausanne. read more
New 'International Contracting'

New 'International Contracting'

Update on new 'International Contracting: Contract Management for Complex Projects', Imperial College Press, London, 2014  read more

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CPO Summit >

Exclusive CPO event on invitation only for Dutch and Belgian CPO's. Hotel Kerckebosch. May, 25th-26th , 2023

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IPSERA Conference

IPSERA Conference

Managing Supplier Relationships in a New Product Development Context read more
The interrelationship between Purchasing Maturity

The interrelationship between Purchasing Maturity

Internal Customer Satisfaction and Purchasing Performance: an Empirical Study read more
IPSERA Conference

IPSERA Conference

Fostering Incremental and Radical Innovation through Performance Based Contracting in Inter-Organizational Relationships read more

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Paul Polman and Andrew Winston, Net Positive, How courageous companies thrive by giving more than they take

This impressive book tells Paul Polman's uphill battle at Unilever to change a corporation's business model from a financial, shareholder driven to a stakeholder value driven model. A Must Read for everyone who is serious about long term survival!

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prof. dr. Arjan van Weele
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