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Welcome! On November 30th, after almost 40 years, I had a great farewell from Eindhoven University of Technology. Thanks to all who made this event possible. I am grateful to have been able to shake hands with so many dear friends and colleagues! Although my academic work has come to an end, I will continue to keep interest in and contribute to the (inter)national purchasing and supply management community that is so dear to me!

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Waarom CFOs hun visie op inkoop moeten veranderen
CFOs staan met hun korte termijn focus op winstmaximalisatie en werkkapitaal vermindering innovaties in inkoop in de weg. CFOs moeten waardecreatie centraal stellen. read more

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New 'International Contracting'

New 'International Contracting'

Update on new 'International Contracting: Contract Management for Complex Projects', Imperial College Press, London, 2014  read more

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Supplier involvement key to successful SME innovation

Supplier involvement key to successful SME innovation

Innovation at SMEs is different from innovation at multinational companies (MNCs). SMEs lack a separate R&D department. As such SMEs need to rely on other sources, such as suppliers for new product and process innovation. Our research investigates how supplier involvement affects SME innovation performance. read more
Interview in RetailTrends Januari 2016

Interview in RetailTrends Januari 2016

Het wordt de hoogste tijd voor inkopers om meer verantwoordelijkheid te nemen voor het verlagen van de carbon footprint. Maar hoe pak je dat aan? read more
Managing supplier relationships in a new product development context

Managing supplier relationships in a new product development context

Organizations can no longer rely solely on their own resources to innovate and therefore look for strategic interactions outside their organizational boundaries. Using insights from RBV Theory this study proposes andvalidates anintegrated framework that explains outcome effects of new product development (NPD) projects. read more

Business process standardization is the activity of unifying different variants of a family of business processes. While the positive effects of business process standardization are well-described, it is often undesirable to fully unify different variants due to cultural, legal, or
operational reasons. Consequently, a decision has to be made about the extent to which a family of business processes should be standardized. However, little is known about the factors that drive that decision. This paper fills that gap, by presenting factors that drive the extent to which business processes can be standardized, performance properties that are influenced by business process standardization, and relations between these concepts. read more

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Sapiens: a brief history of mankind

Prof. Harari is a master in explaining the journey of mankind since its origin. This book may shift some ideas that you may have both about where you come from and where you will go!

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