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New Turkish edition of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management out NOW!

Are you from Turkey and interested in purchasing and supply chain management? Then read the special edition of  Purchasing and  Supply Chain Management in your own language!has become available. Touch and feel of the English edition has been conserved as well as all of its contents. Through this edition we hope to serve purchasing and supply professionals as well as students in Turkey better.

New PhD Thesis: 'Fostering Innovation through performance Contracts'

On December 16, 2014 Regien Sumo will defend her PhD thesis 'fostering innovation through performance-based contracts', at Eindhoven University of technology. Do performance contracts actually foster innovation in supply chain relationships? How do they compare to traditional fixed price and cost-plus contracts? Interest? Please contact me for further details at: 

Update on YouTube video channel

Update on YouTube video channel: all videos are out now!

Purchasing and Supply Chain Management nominated

Our book on Purchasing and Supply Chain Management has been nominated as one of the best in its field. See 10 Greatest Supply Chain Management Books of All Time

YouTube Videos Out Now!

Bored to read stuff? See my new 15 VIDEOS discussing key concepts of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management. Most of these are taken from my textbook and are available now. Want to have a view? Go to the special CollegeTourPurchasing VIDEOS section for the link to my YouTube Channel. These videos may help you as a purchasing professional to convince your Board to invest in professional purchasing, it may help you as a teacher to teach class for your students and may help you as a student to prepare for your exams. Look forward to learn your ideas and suggestions to improve this series of videos.

The Value Chain Shift', 2014
Recently our co-authored booklet on 'The Value Chain Shift' was published. This booklet contains the results of a two year research project conducted by IMD, Lausanne. Topics studied were:
  • Measuring corporations' cost and contribution to society
  • Managing resource scarcities
  • Scale and speed: traditional versus emerging market firms
  • Optimizing IT-enabled processes and systems in the value chain: differentiation versus harmonization
  • The organizational design shift
  • How speed affects risks, opportunities and new business models in value chains
  • CSR: moving from compliance to value creation in supply chain relationships
For this 2-year research project I acted as co-research director. Interested in a copy of this booklet? Send me an e-mail!
New 'International Contracting'
This book, about international contracting and contract management, is written from the angle of the contractor and discussed from an international perspective. It comments on real-life cases, taken from various kinds of projects: infrastructural works (roads, bridges, tunnels, rail roads), wind- and sunfarms, oil and gas installations, such as platforms, pipe lines, power generating works, and large buildings.  The book is structured around the contracting cycle.
Chapters include dealing with the role of the contractor in international contracting, the tender process, landing and negotiating the contract, types of contract, problems that may occur during project execution, project delivery, and handling guarantee claims. Written primarily for business practitioners operating in the international contracting industry, the title assumes that the reader will have a basic understanding and knowledge of theories related to project management, construction engineering, business law and economics.  Though not an academic book, due to its unique blend of practitioners' insight and academic theory, it can be taught in courses at institutes at the master level. As most engineers are going to deal with contracts, this book is specifically recommended for engineering programs both at the graduate and postgraduate level. Lawyers will find the book useful to understand the business context in which their customers and/or colleagues work.
For a review of the book click here

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